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Areas of expertise

We have a general legal practice in both Oslo and in Paris, working mainly with French-Norwegian cases.

We cover most fields within both the Norwegian and the French legal systems.
In both countries, we perform counselling as well as litigation.

In addition we perform counselling in cases concerning, or pending before, the International Court of Arbitration (ICC) in Paris.
We are able to offer assistance in cases in such a wide variety of legal fields due to our close collaboration with the law firm Cabinet Taylor SCM in Paris, where Nina Wang is also a partner.

The team


Nina Wang

Born in 1967 - Norwegian citizen
Admitted to the Norwegian Bar in 1997
Partner of Cabinet Taylor SCM from 2005
Member of the International Court of Arbitration 2006-2010
Admitted to the French Bar in 2011
Languages: Norwegian, French, English and German

After having worked for six years as a lawyer at a law firm in Oslo, where she covered a broad range of legal fields within Norwegian law, Nina Wang started her own legal practise in 2003. Her focus on international cases led her in 2005 to Paris and Cabinet Taylor. Today, Nina Wang works mainly with French-Norwegian matters as well as with international arbitration.

Nina Wang has also worked as a legal adviser for the Norwegian Red Cross (International Humanitarian Law Unit).

Bronwen Perret-Deschamps

Born in 1947 - French-Norwegian
Legal secretary and official legal translator from 1993
Certified French-Norwegian legal translator to the Appeal Court of Aix-en-Provence
Languages: Norwegian, French and English


Our fees are normally calculated on the basis of the time spent on the case and an hourly rate. The hourly rate depends on the nature and the complexity of the case.

Where the amount of work demanded can be approximately estimated, a fixed fee agreement can be offered.
If the Client is entitled to legal aid in Norway or is covered by insurance, the Client will normally only have to pay a Client charge.

After an initial meeting with the Client, we will examine the case, and determine the precise conditions for our involvement, which we will detail in a letter to the Client.

French office

5, rue Taylor
75010 PARIS
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Norwegian office

C. J. Hambros plass 2C
0164 OSLO
Tel: (+47) 22 99 61 25
Cell: (+47) 99 64 34 34
Fax: (+47) 22 99 60 10

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